Sunday, January 13, 2013

Winter Smiles (part I: Sangkhlaburi)

Starting the day with a smile at Mo Chit bus terminal (Bangkok)

As a visitor, I have found people in Thailand incredibly welcoming, kind, and ready with a smile regardless of whether I was holding a camera at the time. Here's the latest entrants in my Land of 1000 Smiles series (more posts in the series here) from an all too short New Year's trip. These were all taken in Sangkhlaburi, a small town set on a beautiful reservoir near the Myanmar border in Kanchanaburi Province. The Mon Bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Thailand, connects the town to a sizable ethnic Mon community. It's a great place to watch the sunrise or just observe the flow of daily life as townspeople use the bridge (and boats) to go to work/school, and to socialize with friends and family.

Making new friends on the 7-hour bus ride
On the Mon Bridge
Staying warm on a 75 degree evening

Postcard vendors on the Mon Bridge
Going for a walk on the Mon Bridge

Selling offerings for monks on the Mon side of the bridge


  1. So they have Dunkin' Donuts in Asia, but are just gettin' around to opening up in So Cal?

  2. Interesting! Never noticed a lack of Dunkin' Donuts in California before.

    Thailand also has some Mr. Donut franchises, which apparently used to be owned by Dunkin' Donuts' parent company in the U.S. So strange to see what companies pop-up in other countries. In Thailand 7-11 stores are ubiquitous (and very handy) and there are also quite a few (very enjoyable) Swensen's of all things.

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